Carewatch Security is seeking to be the leading customer oriented service provider with the specific need to meet all customer requirements in a cost effective pricing rates. We also give our customers value for their money by installing popular and high quality branded systems, sourced from renowned and reliable suppliers from Europe, USA, Israel, Japan, South Africa and many more.


Carewatch takes pride in offering top-watch and quality services that are second to none. As a dynamic company, our services are in time with customer needs and in some areas customized to suit the changing security needs. Our human resource undergoes vigourous training and refresher courses to keep in touch with the market trends.


In the event of unfortunate loss of property emanating from our part, we undertake compensation of upto the agreed amount in the contract. We are insured by Geminia Insurance Company Ltd against personal accidents of our guards while on duty. We emphasize on high standards of services, discipline, alertness and customer care.

List of services:

  1. Manned Guarding services
  2. Dog patrols
  3. Security audits and consultancy services
  4. Integrated Electronic Security Solutions (IESS)
  5. Private investigation
  6. Alarm back-up and response services
  7. Events safety and security services

1. Manned guarding

  1. Recruitment:-
    our recruitment process is done under a thorough vetting process. The requirements include: one should be a Kenyan citizen of over 20 years of age, posses an `O level certificate, certificate of good conduct from the CID, a minimum height of 5.8ft, have a letter from the area chief, three reliable referees. Preference is given to ex-forces and National Youth Service personnel.
  2. Training:
    Training and induction is done in drilling and searh tecniques, fire fighting skills, customer care, first Aid, Patrol and observation techniques, communication and also on general discipline on assignment all the time .

2. Integrated Electronic Security Solutions (IESS)

No serious security solution can rely on manpower alone. The targeted deployment of Technology-based solutions is essential to the provision of good security. At Carewatch Security we have a team of specialised systems engineers who can put together appropriate solutions using:

  • Access control solutions Biometric systems, Card systems, RFID systems
  • Time management solutions Biometric systems, Card systems
  • Surveillance and Monitoring solutions CCTV systems
  • Staff management solutions example in factories, - CCTV systems, Biometric systems, Card systems

3. Security audit and consultancy services

Before engaging any security service provider, one is advised to seriously seek professional advice. This comes in forms of doing a site audit to establish the security needs and subsequently consultancy services on the best security solutions or products applicable. Our audit and consultancy services are the best in the market and experience has shown that through this the client or prospective client gains major savings and assured security solutions.

4. Welfare and Motivation

The management takes the welfare of our guards serious, personal accidents insurance, Medical scheme, Retirement pension scheme is in place. Rewards and promotions are also offered to boost their morale, montly off-days is also in place to all guards. Our security guards are issued with two pairs of uniforms, boots, raincoats, ties, pullovers, peakcaps, corporate badge, whistle, lanyard baton and torch. We only allow our guards to sign in for duty when they appear neat, alert and well groomed for the best quality services.

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